Dayta AI

AI and data analytics SaaS solution


Blockchain enabled IoT platform


3D cell culture substrates

Atom Semiconductor

High performance and integrated digital sensor chips

SyNCord 3D

5-axis 3D printer


AI-enhanced dynamic climate and financial risks analytics

3DK Tech

Disruptive metal 3D printing


Portable self-help medical imaging devices

PointFit Tech

Ultra-thin Skin Patch Sweat Sensing Wearables


Camera-based health and wellness monitoring solution.


Your best equity research assistant


Cancer imaging on-the-spot with CHAMP Microscopy

AI Sensing

Co-founded by Professor Zhiyong FAN of Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering utilizing HKUST technology, AI Sensing has developed high-accuracy and low-cost intelligent gas sensors to create a smarter ecological environment. The company’s technology development roadmap fulfilled future trends, including the integration of multi-functions, networking capabilities, miniaturization, and cost-effectiveness.


NexBlue provides IoT-powered smart EV charging devices, targeting at household and workplace users in the European market.


Soligood specializes in R&D and production of new generation battery separator with high-energy density, ultra-fast charging, and extremely safe and environmentally friendly technology, dedicated to empowering high-end batteries with lower costs and high performance. The company achieved a technological breakthrough in the production of battery separators.

CoilEasy Microelectronics

An Integrated circuit (IC) design company running as a fabless design house. Core circuit of CoilEasy is analog circuit processing magnetic field. It's the 1st company in the world, that can manipulate magnetic field in microscale with a great safety margin (>20kV).


An HKUST spin-off that provides a neutral-atom quantum computer for educational institutions and industrial users through cloud services.