Inside Venture Capital: VC Workshop

The Technology Transfer Centre and Entrepreneurship Centre co-organized the Inside Venture Capital: VC Workshop, which was delivered by Mr. Douglas Keith Abrams, Founder and CEO of Expara.  The workshop consisted of four 1.5-hour live webinars and companion online course materials.  Over 140 participants, including current students, alumni, and faculty members attended the event.
It elucidated how entrepreneurs were able to 1) develop a business plan that optimizes the product-market fit, 2) build a financial model that demonstrates the financial potential, and 3) negotiate good investment deals.  Skills developed in this workshop included: techniques in formulating business plan, business strategy, financial forecast and valuation, and exit strategy.  


Overview and evaluating start-ups


Business models and forecasting




Exit strategies and negotiation


For more course details, please visit Expara.

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